I Bet You will Get Website Ranking After Using These 6 Best Content Optimization Tools

Don’t you wish there was a simple solution to increase the popularity of your content and traffic to your website?

But, despite your best efforts, you keep getting disappointing results.

You should know that you’re not the only one facing this problem.

Writing faster without sacrificing quality or spending too much time on research is a challenge for even the most seasoned professionals.

It’s understandable that you should feel overwhelmed by the abundance of writing resources available and the speed with which artificial intelligence is advancing.

Yet there are several proven strategies that are generally accepted as the norm throughout the content optimization process.

This site post will help you explore some of the 6 best content optimization tools that can help you produce high-quality content that attracts readers and increases website traffic.

Let’s check them out!

What is content optimization?

Content optimization is the process of improving the quality and relevance of content on a website or digital platform so that it is more visible, attractive and useful to targeted users.

Optimized text is well-structured, easy to read and understand, and brings value to the reader.

1. TextCortex

Text Cortex is an AI authoring assistant built on modules for specific use cases and provides high-quality authoring services for a variety of enterprise content needs.

Its functionality is up-to-date with current trends, providing a range of assistance, including AI generation , AI templates , rewriting, and manual writing.

Blog posts, website copy, mailing campaigns and product promotion content are just some of the types of writing that can be created with TextCortex.

More importantly, as this tool is highly dependent on the keywords supplied, the results it produces are by default original and SEO-friendly.

Finally, Text Cortex is available as a web application and Chrome plugin that works with over 2,000 popular platforms.


With theTextCortex add-on, you have access to over 10 advanced paraphrasing functions, including

✒️ Rewrite existing content to improve context.

✒️ Summarize for brief information.

✒️ Expand to add details to the original piece.

✒️ Autocomplete provides fully formed paragraphs based on your draft.

✒️ Change of tone to adapt the message across more than 10 different narratives.

✒️ Translate content into over 25 languages.

✒️ Turn bullet points into ready-to-send e-mails.


Generate long-form content (up to 300 words) from a 5-word concept.

✒️ Zeno mode can predict relevant results based on the prompt provided.

✒️ Replay your content with the text-to-speech option that can read it for you.

The following options may be considered if more sophisticated writing options are required, such as:

✒️ Get the content shape you need with over 60 . .. AI templates.

✒️ Use “brainstorming functions” to get instant ideas on how to get started.

✒️ Use AI editors to get your results in a conversational way with the “Zeno chat” function.

How does it work?

Before you can use the Text Cortex add-on, you first need to download the extension file.

Then, after highlighting the sentence you wish to modify, the rewrite menu appears below the selected text.

Select the choice that corresponds to the action you want to take. Then you can copy and paste from here or simply click on the output to implement the changes.

To access Zeno chat and AI templates, click on the logo in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

The creator suite screen appears, giving access to further options.


Text Cortex comes with one free plan and two premium plans.

2. Growth Bar

Growth Bar is a Chrome extension worth installing if you want to monitor SEO rankings and analyze the competition.

It offers quick access to SERP data for any website.

Growth Bar enables keyword research, competitive analysis and keyword tracking using state-of-the-art OpenAI GPT-3 AI technology.

They also offer a Google Chrome extension that lets you perform SEO analysis without leaving the search results page.

If you use Google to search for keywords, Growth Bar will show you everything you need to know about them, including who else is using them.

This software is available as a Chrome add-on and as a stand-alone SEO tool.


Growth Bar’s SEO features include the following options:

🎯 Site inspector – Here, you can discover the fundamentals of a given website (authority, estimated traffic per month, backlinks and Google CPC data).

🎯 Keyword research tool – Find out how often web users search for a certain term.

🎯 Rank tracker – This function lets you enter a domain and a series of keywords to see where that domain ranks in search engine results.

How does it work?

The Growth Bar application has three main sections from which you can choose the action you want:

1. The Site Inspector lets you enter the URL of a domain, such as a competitor’s, to view its domain authority, organic traffic, top organic keywords, top paid keywords for Google ads, top backlinks and Facebook ads.

2. The Rank Tracker dashboard in the next tab lets you track SEO performance and share reports. It tracks keyword rankings and monthly traffic. In addition, it’s possible to track multiple domains for more information.

3. TheContent & Keywords tab uses OpenAI GPT-3 AI to write and rank content. Here, you can enter any keyword to get a content preview, monthly search volume, a score on how hard it is to rank for that keyword, and a list of related keywords.

It’s that simple.

3. Canva

Canva is a free, intuitive program for creating stunning graphics for print and web.

Over half a million pre-made designs are available in the program’s extensive library and can be used as the basis for creating customized websites, social network posts, advertisements and much more.

It’s ideal for novices and non-designers alike, thanks to its simple drag-and-drop interface.


Canva offers a variety of design options, including.

🖋️Remove BG

🖋️Tweak exposure, color and saturation

🖋️Add filters and effects

🖋️Add Frames and shadows

🖋️Use optical zoom and autofocus (Beta)

🖋️Retouch faces (Beta), etc.

You can also add text and customize its appearance by modifying font, style, size, color, alignment, opacity, etc.

How does it work?

Canva offers a simple registration procedure. Simply create an account, then access it from any computer with a web browser or iOS or Android mobile device.

You can create your project using the pre-existing templates site or by uploading your own images.

Once you’ve finished, you can download, share or send your project for further use.


Canva offers a free version and two premium versions.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online proofreading tool that suggests rewrites based on correctness, clarity, expression and other factors.

One of its notable features is a built-in plagiarism checker that can provide instant feedback on sentences or paragraphs that appear elsewhere online.

Another reason why so many people find it useful is that it lets you set writing goals for a wide range of writing projects.

You can use Grammarly on the Web, on your computer or as a . Chrome extension.

What’s more, it’s compatible with popular word processors such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Google Docs.

Grammarly offers writing and proofreading suggestions for your text, with options such as :

✔️ Correction – Check grammar and spelling.

✔️ Clarity – Make your writing more understandable and readable.

✔️ Engagement – Ensure that content is interesting and engaging.

✔️ Delivery – Maintains a writing tone appropriate to the context.

✔️ Writing style – Align your writing style with your writing goals.

✔️ Readability metrics – Provides information on reading time, word count, readability score, etc.

✔️ Plagiarism checker – Ensures that content is plagiarism-free.


The Hemingway app helps content creators streamline their writing for greater clarity.

The app lets you quickly assess sentence complexity, passive voice and overloaded expressions.

What’s more, it features an editable canvas that you can use to shape your piece.

Once you’ve finished, you can view indicators such as readability score, word count and paragraph count.

Hemingway is available as a web and desktop application.

The Heminway application provides suggestions on 6 elements:

🎯 Readability score – Overall score of the article.

🎯 Word measurements – Includes reading time, character, word, sentence and paragraph number.

🎯 Adverbs – Suggests which adverbs need to be adjusted to achieve the objective.

🎯 Passive voice – Label sentence chunks that are in the passive voice.

🎯 Complex sentences – Give feedback on sentences that have simpler alternatives.

🎯 Difficult to read – These suggestions flag sentences that are difficult to read.

🎯 Very difficult to read – Provides feedback on sentences that are very difficult to read.

How does it work?

As with Grammarly, you can write in the editor or copy and paste your content to get Hemingway’s feedback on the readability of your text.

It’s possible to toggle between edit mode and copy mode.

6. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is Google’s free application for monitoring and diagnosing technical SEO issues, improving rankings and maintaining a website’s online presence.

It provides real-time search engine optimization (SEO) data, with metrics covering everything from user experience and search performance to identifying vulnerabilities.

Google Search Console is a one-stop shop for search engine optimization (SEO) that new businesses and marketers can use.


Google Search Console helps improve content optimization by monitoring the following parameters:

✔️ Average position, click-through rates, keyword rankings and traffic data all help to evaluate a site’s organic performance.

✔️ Check the completeness Ofa website’s indexing by Google.

✔️ Recognize deleted files, disavow links and analyze sitemaps.

✔️ Examine the loading time of pages and other essential web elements to ensure that they are functioning normally.

✔️ Find and solve problems related to the use of cell phones.

✔️ Examine security risks and manual processes recognized by Google.

✔️ Analyze essential information on lees

Let’s recap

When it comes to developing content that ranks well in search engine results and engages readers, optimization tools have become indispensable.

The content optimization features that can help writers and content creators improve their work, those mentioned in this article, are among the best.

These programs provide superior support for all aspects of content optimization, from creating optimized content and keyword research to grammar and readability adjustments.

For bloggers, marketers and copywriters, using these tools improves the production of content that resonates with the target audience and delivers results.

And if you want to take your content creation and optimization to the next level, we suggest you start with theTextCortex extension because:

🎀 It can quickly produce large quantities of high-quality material.

🎀 Removes much (up to 70%) of the copywriting required to produce content.

🎀 Offers state-of-the-art writing and editing options .

The freemium offer includes 10 free creations per day.

🎀 Offers a reward program to increase your free creations.

🎀 No need to enter a credit card number during the registration process.

Grant affordable premium plans in case you want to take it to the next level.

Don’t just take our word for it – we encourage you to try it for yourself.

Download the Text Cortex add-on today to instantly start optimizing your content to a professional level.

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