Internal Link Juicer: Auto links for WordPress SEO

Semi-automatic, high-performance internal link builder for WordPress

Internal Link Juicer is the leading solution for creating internal links within article content. It works by using intelligent per-article configuration of the keywords you want. Overall, it improves your page’s SEO and user experience (UX) by pointing to the right content for the given context.

Strengthen your internal links.

  • Maximum diversification: Thanks to the intelligent anchor text function, anchor texts can be diversified and the number of possible links increased with little effort. This also guarantees natural link behavior.
  • Automation: You don’t need to link your pages manually every time you create a new article. Once you’ve set your keywords, the links will be created automatically.
  • Total control over page links: Individual articles that should not contain generated links can be blacklisted. Publication types to be used for link generation can be whitelisted. These options give you total control over the extension.
  • Customize your link output: Thanks to the possibility of using our predefined tag templates, link output can be fully customized. This allows you to tailor generated links to your individual context.
  • Configurable link behavior: The number of links per page, as well as links per target URL and link behavior for targeted keywords, can be flexibly configured using the options. You’ll have total control over every use case.
  • Stay on top of things: Despite our “set it and forget it” approach and the automation that goes with it, you’ll never lose sight of what’s important.
  • Stay in the loop: Despite our “set it and forget it” approach and accompanying automation, you’ll never lose track of what’s going on in the filterable and sortable statistics on your dashboard.
  • Perfect workflow: The extension’s keyword panel in the article editor ensures an efficient, stress-free workflow.
  • Best possible performance: Thanks to the high-performance index structure, you’re guaranteed fast rendering of your pages on the public interface. You don’t have to worry about delays in the creation of internal links.
  • Our free basic version is packed with features and extremely customizable. However, we offer many more advanced features in our Pro version.

Pro features:

  • Taxonomies enabled: Allows you to create links to and from category and label pages. This covers 100% of your internal links.
  • Enabled custom fields: Enables links from content of post and term meta. Brings also compatibility for ACF and several page builders.
  • Custom link targets : Link to internal and external pages not managed by WordPress. So you can create affiliate links in no time.
  • Auto keyword import: Import keywords as a group for your internal resources, such as post titles or terms. If you’ve installed Yoast SEO or RankMath, you can also use the

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